Our Story

We want you to experience the magic of a confident smile.

A group of friends in a pale blue convertible on the open road, driving across a dry flat plain surrounded by mountains.

Ah, for the perfect smile.

What if transforming your life started with your teeth? At Straight Teeth Solutions, we don’t want your smile to stop you from shining in every part of your life. That’s why we created a straight teeth solution that’s uniquely tailored to creating your perfect smile. We know you’re extraordinary, and we’re here to make your smile extraordinary too.

A Company with Heart

Before being doctors and aligners, we are people with empathy and compassion for you. Have nerves? Let us know. Concerned the Straight Teeth Solution is too expensive for you? Give us a call. Wondering about the safety of our aligners? Our doctors are ready to chat with you. We know change can be intimidating, and we’re here for you every step of the way. We care about your smile because we first care about YOU.

a dentist consults with a smiling patient
a dentist consults with a smiling patient

Helping You Live More Confidently

Your smile makes you powerful. Our dream is to see you bold enough to make the change you want in your life, so you can confidently leave your mark on the world. Maybe it’s time to take a risk, embrace change, and gain courage to pursue your big dreams. We don’t want you to hide your smile any longer.

Meet the Team

headshot of Rob Schrader from Straight Teeth Solutions

Bob Schrader

Esq., General Counsel

headshot of Ivana Sear from Straight Teeth Solutions

Ivana Sears

Chief Financial Officer

headshot of Bruce Goldblatt from Straight Teeth Solutions

Bruce Goldblatt

Founder- President- Chairman Of The Board

headshot of Raul Molina from Straight Teeth Solutions

Raul Molina

Chief Clinical Advisor

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Elizabeth Lifes

Executive Director of Provider + Patient Relations

headshot of Steve Kane from Straight Teeth Solutions

Steve Kane

Executive Sales Director

headshot of Chuck Grady from Straight Teeth Solutions

Chuck Grady


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