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Have Questions About Straight Teeth Solutions Clear Aligners?

Straight Teeth Solutions is a series of progressive positioners (aligner trays) that move your teeth a small amount with each tray until the teeth are positioned at the desired end result. A treatment plan is developed from your initial scan that shows the movements of the teeth for each progressive positioner. 

STS aligners are custom made trays that are made from a proprietary plastic that is specifically developed for use in the mouth. They are customized for each individual patient and manufactured to the specifications of the patient’s individualized digital treatment plan. They fit your teeth perfectly as each tray progressively moves your teeth to the desired end result of the doctor and patient.

Straight Teeth Solutions offers the consumer the best of all worlds in one system. It is affordable with different pricing options while still offering all the necessary tools that are necessary to achieve the very highest desired results of the doctor and the patient. Straight Teeth Solutions offers an excellent result at an affordable price but still supervised treatment by a professional dentist and/or orthodontist. “The Best of All Worlds”! 

You should choose Straight Teeth Solutions because of the many benefits that are offered that other brands can not match. STS is a one stop shop for a complete treatment plan with all the required techniques including the slenderizing of teeth and attachments that are necessary for specific tooth movements. You get a proprietary plastic that is comfortable and offers very predictable movements. These are possible because of the doctor supervision of the case that is included with Straight Teeth Solutions. You get all this for a very affordable price that other brands cannot match.

Straight Teeth Solutions is unique with five different affordable options for treatment offered. All options offered are doctor supervised treatments which is also unique at these very low affordable prices. Straight Teeth Solutions will also find a licensed dentist for you in your area and assist with your insurance and financing needs. The value is magnified by all of the extra benefits you get from choosing Straight Teeth Solutions for your aligner therapy.

Your Treatment Plan is always customized at Straight Teeth Solutions. You, as the patient have the option of choosing the treatment you would like but because we offer doctor supervision, and your consultation with the doctor helps you to determine the best treatment plan available to achieve your desired outcome. 

Straight Teeth Solutions is a doctor supervised treatment plan for clear aligner therapy and you must have a dental exam to make sure there are no dental problems that would indicate against treatment or if there were dental problems that would need to be addressed before starting treatment. This feature along with very affordable pricing options make Straight Teeth Solutions a truly unique provider and your best alternative for clear aligner treatment.

Straight Teeth Solutions has developed a network of doctors who know and understand our unique product, concepts and business model. We would hope your doctor is in our network but if not, you will not be able to use them for the Straight Teeth Solutions treatment options. However, STS does have a qualified doctor in your area that can treat you to the highest standards with the STS treatment options. To clarify, you could use your own dentist to do your aligner therapy but not the STS treatment options or benefits provided by Straight Teeth Solutions. 

Straight Teeth Solutions has screened and selectively chosen qualified doctors for the STS network. We look for doctors that are well trained in providing clear aligner therapy, have all very positive patient reviews, and have a competent and friendly staff that will welcome you to their office and treat you to the highest quality of care and service.

Straight Teeth Solutions requires all the doctors in our network to have Intra- oral scanners as we do not accept impressions. Intraoral scanners use sophisticated technology and the doctor or a highly trained staff member under the supervision of the doctor conducts the scan. 

Straight Teeth Solutions is a unique product because it is very affordable but also involves doctor supervision of the treatment. We require an initial doctor consultation to determine if you are qualified and a good candidate for aligner therapy. You also will see the doctor for the intraoral scan of your teeth and mouth. Both of these could be completed in the same doctor visit. You will also see the doctor to deliver your aligners and make sure the first ones fit and you know all the directions for use. Any future visits will be determined by you and your doctor based on compliance and the progression of your case. 

Straight Teeth Solutions does require x-rays for your individual case not only to determine your aligner therapy candidacy but also to assist the orthodontist preparing your treatment plan by providing needed information including the positioning of the roots of your teeth as well as the crowns of teeth that you observe moving.

 Straight Teeth Solutions will set up the initial doctor consultation and scanning appointment for you and these two services are offered as part of the overall value of treatment. If treatment is not accepted, then there will be no charge for these services. 

The minimum age for a patient that eventually receives treatment is 13 years. Candidacy for STS treatment would be in the judgement of the patient and the doctor. However, Straight Teeth Solutions would prefer that all patients have all their permanent teeth and then are approved for treatment during the doctor consultation. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian will have to authorize treatment and payment. 

We do have before and after pictures on our website and also renderings of malocclusions that are treated by our different treatment options.

Yes, having your wisdom teeth does not eliminate you from treatment. It would be a determination by the doctor as to whether removing them would be beneficial for your overall treatment. 

Normal recovery time from wisdom teeth removal is about one week, but most dentists recommend two weeks to be safe. It is important to not dislodge any stitches or affect the necessary blood clot, so two weeks is recommended. STS will follow your Doctor’s recommendation. IF aligner treatment is going to affect your posterior teeth (molars), then the doctor may elect to delay the start of treatment an additional week or two. 

As the doctor prepares your treatment plan, there may be teeth that can’t be moved or the treatment plan does not demand that they be moved. Implants and dental bridges can not be moved so the treatment plan would have to be built around those limitations.

Yes, missing teeth are not a limitation for Straight Teeth Solutions. Many aligner treatment plans are designed to leave a space for a crown or implant and also designed to make space for the ability to do more efficient application for veneers and other possible dental services. 

Straight Teeth Solutions is very flexible and always wants to please the patient and help the doctor treating your case. Your customized treatment plan will include the necessary aligners to treat your case. However, more aligners can always be added if recommended by the treating doctor for your case. Your individual treatment plan dictates if there is an additional aligner cost. 

Yes, extra aligners can always be purchased and you will be able to order whitener through our company store. 

As with implants, a treatment plan can be customized that doesn’t move certain teeth. Veneers are not implants but the treating dentist will carefully consider them when developing your plan .

Intraoral scanning is a 3D scan of your teeth and gums. This is digitized and saved in files to be used for treatment planning. 

Appointments are made with the provided STS Doctor in your area through our website. Customer Service can help IF there are any issues on the website. 

STS does not have a “cancellation fee,” but common business courtesy would be a 48-72 hour notice of cancellation or need to reschedule your appointment. You can call our Customer Service Support or email us at

Straight Teeth Solutions offers a combination (hybrid if you wish) of a straight trimline and a scalloped trimline. This combination offers the Best of both worlds by giving a very aesthetic look while also providing more contact area with the teeth for maximum efficiency of movement. 

STS aligners are made from medical grade plastic that is BPA free and specifically designed and manufactured for use in the mouth. 

STS clear aligners are manufactured by an Austrian company with the final packaging and delivery from their distribution center in North Carolina.

The advantage of having doctor supervised treatment is that the doctor will perform the IPR (slenderizing of the teeth) and also add attachments as needed. 

Yes, a 3D digital treatment plan will be available to view and discuss with your Smile Ambassador. We will be in communication with you and your dentist the whole way. 

Your customized treatment plan will take 3 working days to be ready after your Doctor has completed your intraoral scan.

 Refinement and revisions are not included in the four “limited” treatment options. They are included in the Total Solutions option. It will be up to the doctor to determine if a refinement is needed in a “limited” treatment option because the initial treatment did not satisfy the predicted result for the chosen treatment option. 

The duration of your treatment will be determined by your initial treatment plan and your aligner wearing compliance. Each aligner should be worn for approximately ten days so you could multiply your maximum number of aligners by ten days to come up with an approximate treatment finish date. We do recommend that you wear a retainer for the dentist recommended amount of time every day after your treatment is completed. 

To be in perfect compliance, you should wear your aligners 22 hours a day and only take them out to brush your teeth and eat meals. 

We recommend that you change your aligners about every 10 days.

Each STS aligner is numbered beginning with number one and progressing as you move from stage to stage in your course of treatment. 

Aligner therapy does not demand a special diet of food or drink, but chewing on ice or hard candy, eating hard nuts of any kind, and general eating with your aligners in place are highly discouraged. We recommend wearing your aligners 22 hours per day and taking them out only to brush your teeth and eat. The STS aligners do not stain easily so you can drink any type of liquid, though we would not encourage excessive coffee drinking.

During the day your aligners should be cleaned by brushing with water and your teeth should be brushed or at least rinsed before putting your aligners back in. When you have more time and have your disinfectant materials (spray or rinse) available, you should brush the aligners with water and then use your disinfectant on the aligners before putting them back in. You should not use soap or toothpaste to clean your aligners. You treat your aligners like your own teeth, cleaning them frequently with an aligner cleaner such as Soluria which you can purchase in our store for $14.95

Your teeth will be moving a small amount with the application of each aligner. You may experience some discomfort for the first few days after inserting each new aligner but that should go away after wearing each aligner for a few days. You should ask your dentist about taking over the counter pain medication to help you through the first few days of wearing each new aligner. 

Straight Teeth Solutions wants to satisfy every patient and every doctor involved with their treatment so we will work with the patient and the doctor to achieve total satisfaction. 

No, but STS has a “Total Satisfaction” guarantee and will work with the patient and the doctor to achieve the goals that were established before treatment, and satisfy both the patient and the doctor.

Upon completion of the patient’s treatment and all required aligners have “done their job,” then the doctor will order Retainers for the patient and give them directions on its use and wear time. 

The Total Solutions option comes with 4 sets of retainers. For the 4 other options, it is recommended that you use the last clear aligner from treatment as a retainer. You also can purchase additional retainers for $75.00 per arch. 

You can choose to get a permanent wire retainer, but this would be done in consultation with your dentist and will be a separate service provided by your dentist. Your dentist will charge you directly for the permanent wire retainer.

The Total Solutions option comes with unlimited revisions, replacements, and 4 sets of retainers for 5 years. If you choose one of the other 4 options you must pay for lost or damaged aligners and retainers IF the loss or damage is a result of patient error. STS will replace damaged aligners IF the damage is a result of STS error or manufacturing defect. 

As stated before, the doctor will supply the patient with a set of retainers and give them directions on their uses and wear time. The doctor will also emphasize the importance of proper dental health maintenance including brushing and flossing teeth and having regular recommended teeth cleanings. 

After you have selected your treatment plan and completed the necessary scans, your STS aligners and kit should arrive within 2-3 weeks.

You can brush your STS aligners gently with water and an aligner cleaner such as Soluria. 

NO, soaking STS aligners in any denture solution or at temperatures above 140 degrees Fahrenheit is not recommended and can damage your aligners. 

STS will offer whitening systems in the very near future! 

STS kits contain an aligner box, detaching tool and seating tool.

You have made a good decision and investment to straighten your teeth not only for cosmetic reasons but for good oral health reasons. You definitely want to keep your new beautiful and healthy smile. You should ideally wear your retainer for the dentist recommended number of hours every day for the rest of your life OR as long as you want to keep your beautiful smile and healthy teeth. Dentists recommend that you wear your retainer while you sleep. It will be very comfortable and could also double as a mouthguard if you tend to grind your teeth while you sleep. 

Soluria can be used by spraying the STS aligners thoroughly from 4-6 inches away, wait 60 seconds and re-insert. Repeat as often as desired. 

The ingredients in Soluria are purified water, Xylitol, Amino Acid Ester, Sucrose Ester, Ester Glyceride and natural flavors.

There are NO hidden costs to the patient concerning their ordered and paid for aligner treatment. IF you want additional treatment over and above the agreed goal of your initial treatment plan, there may be additional treatment and costs required. 

STS offers financing and also offers the ability to pay the total fee upfront with a credit card or check. STS also accepts Care Credit, PayPal payments and PayPal credit. 

STS will work with finance companies to secure finance options for all of our potential customers and will work hard with the patient to make sure everyone can attain the smile they desire.

STS is a completely doctor supervised treatment. If you have relevant orthodontic insurance, it may be possible to use the insurance to help with the STS fees. At this time, all STS fees are collected upfront. However, STS will assist with forms for you to submit to your insurance company. 

We want every STS patient to be happy and satisfied with their results and also want them to experience value from their business transaction with us. We currently do not offer any discounts for upfront payments. 

STS may, in its discretion, offer special promotions from time to time. 

Just like a credit card or mortgage, your STS fee balance is a loan and can be paid off early at any time. 

As long as your employer offers an FSA or an HSA, you will have those funds to use for your dental health needs with no issues. FSA funds disappear after the plan’s year is over with a few exceptions, so make sure you can definitely use them.

Your case will be transferred to a new STS affiliate in your new location, subject to availability in your area.

At STS, our number one concern is the safety and health of our employees, customers, doctors, and their staff nationwide. STS clear aligners are manufactured and packaged in North Carolina, where stringent health and safety procedures are ingrained in our manufacturing operations. In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking extra precautions but are confident in the safety of STS clear aligners and intraoral scanners used by our STS network nationwide. Our network of Doctors are also implementing health and safety measures to reduce risks and mitigate the spread of virus, following CDC recommended guidelines for in person visits. As an extra precaution, you may ask your STS Doctor for virtual visits, if applicable to your treatment plan after your initial appointment.

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