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Have Questions About Straight Teeth Solutions Clear Aligners?

STS provides clear aligners and marketing and referral services for doctors. Treatment decisions and case diagnosis are entirely the responsibility of the prescribing doctor.

With Straight Teeth Solutions (STS) we have over 80 years combined experience in the dental industry. We aren’t just selling you aligners, we offer marketing, advertising and ortho technology solutions for your business.

We offer two different options, both within the Straight Teeth Solutions brand. The first is our buying group orthodontic aligner solution: STExpress. STExpress offers a superior orthodontic aligner solution at a low everyday cost to the practice for your private patients. Unlike white label aligners, our STExpress option comes with at least one revision/refinement on every case as well as retainers.

The second option is our consumer-driven offering: Straight Teeth Solutions. STS provides an affordable consumer option with direct doctor involvement. We market your practice and send patients to you.

  • New patient acquisition marketing in a specific ‘protected’ marketing area territory (i.e., office zip code, etc.)
  • Access to our buying group pricing
  • Guaranteed doctor ROI production
  • 24/7 Concierge Provider Service e.) Ally Financial special pricing for your Private practice patients as well as STExpress patients

We use the highest performing and currently the industry standard material: Zendura FLX. This allows for greater shape memory and the highest predictability of tooth movement.

All of our aligners are manufactured right here in the USA.

No. Our aligners are made without BPA or phthalates.

We do not have any submission quotas within our STExpress program. Please discuss both our STExpress and STS programs with your Regional Sales Associate for details to take advantage of the program that best suits your needs.

No, We do not require any training for our providers. If you have no experience in aligners we recommend that you take a basic course on clear aligner therapy. We highly recommend you familiarize yourself with our portal and our product by submitting 3-5 STexpress cases. However, this is not a requirement at this time.

No. As a STS/STExpress Affiliate you are welcome to offer other aligner brands in your practice and use any lab or service that you wish.

We are currently offering STS/STExpress in all 50 states.

No. We do not require anything in addition to your dental licensure. Any additional continuing education is strictly optional.

With STS, we set competitive fair pricing for your patients and handle all of the logistics for you. We have four different pricing packages to meet the needs of patients and doctors which range from $1795-$3,995. Ultimately, the doctors will make the clinical decision to which treatment package is right for the patient and the Patient will decide which Package works best for them. Our STS Patient Support team will facilitate a Treatment Plan Choice.  For an STExpress case, the fees are at your discretion. You set your own office fees and pay a reasonable lab fee just like with any other aligner program.  If you would like suggestions on pricing we recommend that you refer to our Straight Teeth Solutions pricing structure as these prices are based on industry standard pricing as well as competitive market values for your patient in correlation to current offerings with other regional aligner companies.

STS’s equivalant to a ClinCheck® or Treatment Setup as referred to by our specialists and sales associates as Treatment Plans. A treatment plan contains 3D models for each step of the treatment, showing you the requested tooth movements written into your prescription. It includes images of every step in the treatment, provides an estimate of the number of steps and the amount of IPR that will be required (if necessary) and where engagers (if any) are located. You are able to chat directly with the technician designing your treatment plan and request any changes you’d like to make.

We have two Doctor’s Portal sites. There is a STExpress Portal as well as a Straight Teeth Solutions™ Portal located at:

All of our Providers are enrolled in both Portals with the email address you signed up with as your username and the Password given to you by your Sales Associate*. This generic password can be changed after your initial login. If you are unsure about the password please request this from Provider Support and one of our Specialists can assist you in getting you logged into both Doctor Portals.

*If you did not receive a Password from your Sales Associate please contact Provider support at 888-787-8275 ext. 2 and you will be assigned one.

All classes of occlusion can be treated with either of our options. Straight Teeth Solutions cases have a maximum of 52 aligners with our Ultimate plan.

Please call our office at 888.787.8275 to schedule a brief meeting with our Sales team.  We will discuss the benefits of joining and determine if you are a good candidate.

We are looking to partner with practitioners looking to increase their focus on the fast paced growth of the clear aligner market.

  • The STS Affiliate program uses proprietary, targeted digital/social media marketing for Affiliate members as the exclusive practitioner in a specific and protected zip code area.

  • New patients are initially assessed for complete oral health and patient management as a first step; and then evaluation for possible STS clear aligner user treatment.

    STS Clear Aligners become the ‘patient lead’ for promoting complete oral health, clear aligners sales, as well as additional patient referrals resulting in new revenue income for the practice.

You can speak with one of our Provider Account Liaison by calling our Provider Support number at 888-787-8275 or emailing us at

We offer Live Provider Support during the Hours of 9:00-5:00 EST
**Evening and Weekend Support available by request

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