Doctor vs. DIY Options for Clear Aligners

At Straight Teeth Solutions, we’re the best choice for doctor-led clear aligners, and our unique approach makes it easy for you to correct your smile. Here’s why it’s always our doctor approved aligner approach is so revolutionary:


  1. Superior, Custom Made Aligner

  2. Our orthodontic clear aligners are made from high quality materials and are custom-built by your dentist to deliver personalized, customized treatment to produce optimal results for your case. Best of all, the orthodontic aligner is thin, comfortable, and completely invisible, so you won’t have to worry about your appearance being affected by your treatment.

  3. Treatment from Doctors

  4. Clear aligners are at their best when the treatment is approved by a orthodontic professional, you get routine appointments to check on your progress, and get advice about your treatment. No two patients are the same, so having your orthodontic treatment monitored and adjusted by a professional is essential for the best possible results.

  5. Better Results in Less Treatments

  6. Straight Teeth Solutions uses advanced technology and design to deliver better results in fewer overall treatments. Our orthodontic clear aligners are semi-scalloped for a more comfortable fit and are built from high-quality and stain-resistant plastic. And because you’ll be working with a dentist, you can get interproximal reduction (IPR) and attachments to ensure your orthodontic aligners fit properly the first time.

Choose Straight Teeth Solutions & Get The Smile You Deserve

With Straight Teeth Solutions, you don’t have to go it alone! You’ll work with a qualified, experienced dentist who will deliver quick, simple, and painless orthodontic aligner treatment near you. Book your 3D scan now, and get started today!