Why Us? – The Benefits of Choosing Straight Teeth Solutions

If you want affordable clear aligners and you’re interested in Straight Teeth Solutions, you may be wondering why you should choose us. The answer is simple! We provide better results for less money, and our doctor-led treatments ensure your satisfaction. Need more reasons to choose STS? Learn more below about what makes Straight Teeth Solutions process so revolutionary.

    Why Us

  1. Doctor Supervised Treatment
  2. Before you get our clear orthodontic aligners, we have local doctors evaluate your oral health and ensure you’re a good candidate. Not only that, but all of our treatment plans are approved by the same local doctor, ensuring you get the best possible care!

  3. Customer Support 24/7
  4. We make it easy to get clear orthodontic aligners. Our Smile Ambassador team will be with you throughout every step of the process, and we’ll handle the busywork! From booking a 3D scan to following up with a doctor, explaining your treatment plan, and answering questions, we’re here for you. We even have team members fluent in Spanish for non-English speakers!

  5. Premium Quality & Comfort
  6. Our aligners use a semi-scalloped design for a more comfortable fit, and are built from durable, stain-resistant, and high-quality plastic to ensure the best results. Due to our dentist-led treatment, we also offer IPR (interproximal reduction) and clear aligner attachments to ensure the aligners fit properly.

  7. Affordable Pricing
  8. Look no further than Straight Smile Solutions for affordable clear aligners. With our orthodontic treatment, you can save up to 65% compared to other brands, and enjoy a variety of flexible pricing options as low as $65 per month.

Book Your 3D Scan Online & Get Started Today

If you’re ready to begin the process of getting your aligners, don’t wait. Book a 3D scan with a dentist near you right away, and see if clear aligner treatment from Straight Teeth Solutions is right for you.