Orthodontic Aligner Pricing

At Straight Teeth Solutions, our doctor-led invisible aligner treatment provides fantastic results that are still affordable on any budget. With our aligners, you can get superior results for less! Interested in pricing for our services? Learn more about our orthodontic aligner cost below.

Straight Teeth Solutions Pricing

Level 10 – $1,795 as low as $65/Month*

This service level is ideal for patients who require mild corrections for cosmetic issues and minor orthodontic problems, and comes with up to 10 sets of aligners and 1 set of retainers.

Level 20 – $2,396 as low as $77/Month*

This service level is one of our most popular, and it’s a good option for those who need moderate orthodontic corrections. It includes up to 20 aligners with 1 set of post-treatment retainers.

Level 32 – $2,995 as low as $97/Month*

Our Super Solution is right for patients who require moderate to complex orthodontic corrections, and includes up to 32 aligners with 1 set of post-treatment retainers.

Ultimate – $3,995 as low as $129/Month*

The Complete Solution from Straight Teeth Solutions is a good option for patients with very complex orthodontic issues who would like to avoid traditional metal braces. It includes between 33-52 aligners, with 6 sets of post-treatment retainers.

All package levels include customized treatment led by a dentist, as well as additional necessary services like IPR (interproximal reduction) and aligner attachments. The only difference is the number of aligners and retainers required for treatment!

Don’t wait! Book a 3D scan with a partner dentist near you right away, and get the professional orthodontic treatment you need for a healthier, brighter, and more beautiful smile that doesn’t break the bank.

* All monthly prices based on 36-month term subject to credit approval