Our Clear Aligner Treatment

Straight Teeth Solutions provides a revolutionary, doctor focused,
and affordable treatment process. Saving you 65% more!

Straight Teeth Solutions is committed to doing it right the first time and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Smile Ambassadors will first schedule you a no-obligation free 3D scan at one of our verified locations in Florida. Once you’ve had your visit with a Straight Teeth Solutions verified doctor, we will then create your free custom treatment plan. It is that simple! Plus, all of our custom clear plastic aligner treatment plans are affordable, oral health focused, and approved by our doctors to make sure you are getting the best care.

Clear Plastic Aligner Treatment in Florida

Find a Florida location near you to start our revolutionary doctor focused process!

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  • Orlando
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Why Choose Straight Teeth Solutions?

At Straight Teeth Solutions, we will ensure that you understand
how to use our clear plastic aligners correctly!

We provide professional supervision and in-office care, custom but affordable aligners made of high-quality material, and even custom interproximal reduction (IPR) dental treatments to address overcrowding if needed.

Additionally, Straight Teeth Solutions works hard to break down language barriers for our Spanish speaking patients. We have Smile Ambassadors and Doctors within our network that are fluent in Spanish and happy to help guide you through the whole process.